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Happy Birthday to my only favorite sister!

(40 min. early)

I’d like to imagine that her transformation sequence is like the one from Pretear except instead of a dude there’s just a donut.

(The cruller one is based on this design.)


It started out as a joke because I heard, “Blue-sama,” and couldn’t help but think, “Deep Blue-sama,” but then it was revealed that Queen Mirage’s mirror with the evil Blue silhouette is the “Deep Mirror”, so I had to draw this.

The more I think about it the more I ship it.

Happy Birthday, Ichigo!

I can’t believe her birthday is a pun (ichi=1, go=5)…


I know it’s something totally different than normal, but I’m kind of proud of it…

Luna Tsukineko, aka Mew Moonlight, an OC of joushis

For all your Precure dress up needs

(Just in case you missed it the first time.)


Congratulations!  You (or your OC) have been chosen by Blue to become a Precure!

Go ahead and design your Precure form and start fighting the Saiark!


Feel free to submit any Cures you design and I’ll publish them.

(Directions are in the FAQ if you need help.)

hint hint

From those beta designs that were floating around a while back.