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Older versions of the Mew Mews, i.e. an excuse to draw new clothing and hairstyles.  It’s like 3 years after the show, so Ichigo is 16, Zakuro is 18 etc.

AU from A la Mode, I guess…

HaChaPre versions of other magical girl shows (+other Precure)

This was meant to be a quick thing, but somehow it took a lot more time than intended…

Please ignore the fact that none of them have the PreChanMirror case


#here sarah it was so non obvious u were the anon





I know it’s something totally different than normal, but I’m kind of proud of it…

Dude that was at my tjcl convention

Yep. I got 3rd place. Hoping for higher at nationals…

"What if everyone drew themselves?" Happiness Charge version.



"What if everyone drew  themselves?" Heartcatch edition.

(click it because I made it way too wide)


(Happiness Charge)

A companion/sequel/whatever to this.

I drew this a while back, but I wasn’t really happy with it, so I didn’t post it.

However, at this point I don’t really want to redo it…

Happy Birthday to my only favorite sister!

(40 min. early)

I’d like to imagine that her transformation sequence is like the one from Pretear except instead of a dude there’s just a donut.

(The cruller one is based on this design.)


It started out as a joke because I heard, “Blue-sama,” and couldn’t help but think, “Deep Blue-sama,” but then it was revealed that Queen Mirage’s mirror with the evil Blue silhouette is the “Deep Mirror”, so I had to draw this.

The more I think about it the more I ship it.